What to do in Egypt ?

If you do not have a precise idea about the places to visit, I propose different programs. They can also serve as a basis for imagining the day or days you would like to spend. I indicate schedules and places to visit but if you want to modify something, I will adapt without problem, as far as is feasible of course. Indeed, the roads are very different from Europe and the traffic is very dense in Cairo. The number of kilometers is not a benchmark for calculating a journey time.

If you come to Cairo for the first time, you will find programs with places you can not miss. If, on the other hand, you have already visited Cairo several times, I suggest excursions that come off the beaten track.

I let you take knowledge of different programs and tell you, for information that:

  • list rates do not include entrance tickets to the venues. If you are students, for example, they will be cheaper.
  • list the larger the group, the lower the price of the benefit.
  • list the following logos mean cultural relaxation sport

Memphis - Saqqara - Giza - Dashour

Check-out 8:00am
Return 7:30pm
Price Contact me
Option program without Dahshour departure 8h return 5pm.
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To help you better understand the history of Egypt, and to learn the history of the creation of the world among the Pharaohs, I propose to organize our visits in chronological order.

Around 8 am, we will drive to Memphis, the ancient capital of Egypt, built by the Menes who unified lower and upper Egypt. This city is now an outdoor museum. We will observe the tallest statue of Ramses 2 who is lying on the ground. There are also many other statues (dating from various periods) as well as a sphynx.

We then head for Saqqarah to visit the funerary complex (built by the architect Imotep) for King Dejser and its pyramid (rising in decreasing size, the first in the world). First, we will visit the pyramid and the open-air court where the king was celebrating Heb Sed (the jubilee). We will climb on the plateau to have a panoramic view of Saqqarah. We shall see in the distance the black pyramid, that of Dahshur, Giza, Abu Sir, Onas, Titi and finally the tomb of the south. In a second step, we will go to the other side of Saqqarah where are the tombs of the priests. It is possible to visit the tomb of Qajimini as well as the interior of the pyramid of Titi to observe the inscriptions in hieroglyphics.

We will drive to Dahshour, a typical village where there is a military zone and where you can visit the interior of the Red Ryramid for free. We will also see the rhomboidal pyramid of King Senefro, the father of Cheops.

For lunch, you will have the choice: typical restaurant, sandwich at felfela (terrace with view on the pyramids of Giza), KFC, pizza hut, restaurant in hotel Mena House ...

In the afternoon we will go to the pyramids of Giza. We will start with a panoramic view where you can take pictures. We will then stop in front of each pyramid. I will explain the history of each and you will be able to ask your questions. I will leave you a free time to do the tour and take photos if you wish. I would like to mention that the visit of the great pyramid and the second, the solar boat and a ride on the dromedaries are options to your request.

Then we will discover the temple of the valley of King Chephren as well as the sphinx. Finally, we can sit in a nearby café to exchange.