"Zouzou", English-speaking tour guide

My name is Zienab IBRAHIM. I have been a private egyptologist tour guide for 15 years.

I studied at the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality in Cairo. Also, I have a degree in archeology and I am a member of the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations and the Egyptian Tourist Guides General Syndicate.

I have worked with many agencies (World Travelers, Club Med, Thomas Cook, New Steps, Costa Europe, Costa marina, Costa Travel, Nel, Brilliance and Dicovery). I am based in Cairo and over the years I have built a network of relationships that allow me to create, for you, a tailor-made adventure throughout Egypt (especially Cairo, Luxor, Abu Simbel, Aswan, the Red Sea and Alexandria).

Five years ago, I became an independant tour guide, to offer an alternative to mass tourism.

This has the following advantages:

list visits of the sites at the desired times or at the quietest moments
list transfer by car with driver, personal care
list hours and programs adapted to the rhythm of the clients
list English-speaking tour guide, an Egyptologist for you alone

I started by making myself known via the Backpacker's tour guide and Tripadvisor. Through myn website I am able to offer tailor-made services to people wishing to discover the wonders of our country in a different way.

Zienab private Egyptologist tour guide